Showery mid-week, then four days of sweet sunny dryness

Hello and good day to you, southern Green Mountain state dwellers! If you're reading this, you're still on Planet Earth, and this alone is worthy of at least raising your eyebrows and cracking a smile for a minute. I find that doing just that, even during challenging times, can help lighten our personal loads a bit.

As for our weather, while not set in stone, we could see up to four contiguous days of partly to mostly sunny, dry weather from Friday through Monday. Before then, we'll have showers and isolated thunderstorms to deal with Wednesday into Thursday afternoon, and then again by Monday evening into Tuesday.

But let's focus on the expected dry weather, and jump into the daily details while we're at it!

For Wednesday, we will wake up likely dealing with some scattered morning showers as a warm front lifts into the region.

As of this writing, it's difficult to determine where exactly this front will reach in terms of latitude. As of now, it looks like we can expect highs in the upper 60s to low 70s from high terrain to the valley near the Connecticut River.

However, if the front stalls out in Massachusetts, highs could remain in the low to mid 60s. Lows on Wednesday night should dip into the mid to upper 50s.

After a lull in the action during Wednesday afternoon, more showers should move back in during the evening as a low pressure system rides along a cold front and drags the front through the region by the first half of Thursday.

In fact, we can expect some thunderstorms along with those showers Wednesday night into the first half of the day, with highs on Thursday reaching the low to mid 70s. Lows should drop into the upper 40s to low 50s as drier air works into the region on breezy northwest winds, breaking up the cloud deck to reveal the stars above.

For the period of Friday through Sunday, we will see the combination of a high pressure ridge in Ontario, and an upper level low in southeastern Canada drive a drying, northwesterly flow through southern Vermont for at least three days straight, if not lasting into and through next Monday as well.

Friday and Saturday look mostly sunny and dry with highs in the low to mid 70s and lows in the low 50s. The low humidity will be quite pleasant! By Sunday, highs should reach the mid to upper 70s and humidity will start to build into the region.

Humidity will continue on Monday, and much of the day as of now looks warm and mostly sunny with highs in the 70s. However, by later on Monday into Monday night, clouds and humidity should build, leading to showers and possible thunderstorms on Tuesday.

Winds could gust as high as 20 to 40 mph later on Tuesday as drier air rushes back into the region behind a frontal passage. Have a great week!

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