Demonstration against GOP fundraiser, Walker was pro-union to the core

On May 31, more than 500 union members and allies picketed the GOP fundraiser in Burlington which featured extremist union-buster Scott Walker and Vermont Republican Governor Phil Scott.

The picket was organized by AFSCME-VT, IBEW Local 300, the Vermont Building and Construction Trade Council, and dozens of other unions and pro-labor community/political organizations.

Labor appreciates the support received from U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, who reached out to supporters the previous day to express his backing of the picket and to encourage Vermonters to demonstrate alongside us.

The demonstration was electric! While the 13 speakers touched on many issues, all were pro-labor at core. Vermont says no to union-busting; labor is strong when we stand united; working people need to make a livable wage of $15 per hours now; and the politics of the status quo as well as those of the anti-union right shall be resisted and overcome.

This day was a great day for Vermont's labor movement. Make no mistake.

We delivered a powerful statement to those who would oppose us: Labor is strong and is stronger still when we stand united with our political and community allies!

However, this cannot be just one day. May 30, 2019 needs to be the start of the building of an effective movement here in Vermont which is capable of addressing the social, economic, and political challenges facing working-class people during these trying times.

And here, this movement needs to understand that our power, our true power, is not in Washington, D.C. or Montpelier; it is in our shops, in our communities, in our neighborhoods, on the streets, and in our unions!

So again, thank you to all who came out to show that we are union-strong. Let us come together again soon to begin the hard work of building that movement that our times are calling for.

Together we will win!

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