Lewis celebrates season in Grafton concert

GRAFTON — Spencer Lewis will help welcome Christmas in Grafton with a free concert at the Grafton Brick Meeting House on Saturday, Dec. 9, from 1 to 4 p.m.

Lewis will play solo guitar and violin, reprising songs from his Calling in the Winter album, which includes traditional Christmas songs and originals like "Weaving World Peace."

Lewis currently has 21 instrumental albums in the digital pipeline of iTunes and Spotify. He started out as a folk singer-songwriter in the early '70s in Wilmington, playing The Old Red Mill and Fat City. His career has blossomed over the years, gracing many a farmers' market, town green, wedding reception, or summer festival with his signature sound that organizers say reflect his love of Vermont and its rural traditions.

"His music is uplifting, soulful, and might be described as a soundtrack to his own life, living and growing up in Vermont," note organizers. When he's not playing music or recording albums in his home studio, he works as a stonewaller based in Bethel.

Lewis's open house is just one of the many activities in Grafton on Dec. 9, as the whole town celebrates Christmas in Grafton. Find out more at

The Grafton Brick Meeting House is, and has been, a vital element in the history of the town. The building was constructed in 1833 and, over the years, it fell into major disrepair. It is on the National Register of Historic Places, Three years ago, concerned citizens came together, pooled their passion, resources, and knowledge, and completed a total transformation. Today, the building now serves the public as a venue for meetings, lectures, concerts, and other events.

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