Gallery 34 hosts artwork by Nancy Clingan
The artwork of Nancy Clingan will be on display this month at River Gallery School’s Gallery 34.

Gallery 34 hosts artwork by Nancy Clingan

BRATTLEBORO — River Gallery School's Gallery 34 will feature the artwork of Nancy Clingan during the month of July.

Her exhibit opens Friday, July 5, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., as part of Gallery Walk

During her 50 year career in social services, furthering her higher education and raising children, Clingan took random art classes at local schools and workshops. Her first class was with Ric Campman at RGS and she participated in a group show for survivors of trauma.

She didn't have time in those days to make her own art, but she used it in her work as an art therapist. She has always journaled, written poetry, and been a part of a life drawing group.

Now 73, Clingan lives half the year in Vermont and half in Oaxaca, Mexico. “In Mexico, she would be called a golondrina, the swallow that seeks the sun,” according to a news release.

This expanse of work covers days from grad school at Lesley College to her most recent in Oaxaca in a variety of media. The continuing theme of her work is the strength and vulnerability of women and nature.

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