Data about gun safety speaks for itself

WEST BRATTLEBORO — Kudos to The Commons for hosting an important and lively conversation in print about gun safety.

And to Gerard Cloutier for writing about this issue.

Mr. Cloutier cites a lack of facts and data in his response to my previous Viewpoint [“We are free, we are told,” Aug. 7], so I'll let these speak for themselves and let your readers decide:

39,773 gun deaths in 2017.

346 mass shootings in 2017. (A mass shooting is defined as four or more victims.)

• 118 people would be alive today if the assault weapons ban had not been allowed to lapse.

I'd have more stunningly accurate facts if the NRA and its supporters in Congress weren't so dead set against science getting in their way of promoting fear (see the Dickey amendment).

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