NECCA presents Circus Workshop Weekend

BRATTLEBORO — New England Center for Circus Arts' 24th Circus Workshop Weekend is Nov. 8-10 and promises even more than previous outings.

NECCA is offering its ever-popular workshops in 2- and 3-hour discipline-specific classes as usual, but is also adding shows, seminars, and conversations with an overarching theme of “Making Circus that Matters.”

“In addition to taking classes on aerials, trampoline, handstands, German wheel, and flying trapeze, visitors can see circus shows that have meaning,” said Elsie Smith, NECCA's Director of Programming, in a news release.

It was Smith's idea to add “Plus” to the Circus Workshop Weekend.

“This is a chance for students and community members to talk to artists who are making circus with a theme aimed at changing the world, to hear from authors and performers about their experience in contemporary circus, and for diverse performers to share their work with each other,” she said.

Students can sign up for workshops and programming taking place from Friday at 9 a.m. until Sunday at 5:30 p.m. There are courses for beginners alongside more advanced programming for those with experience. A full schedule, links to enroll, and links to buy tickets for shows can be found at

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