Putney Community Cares needs your help

BRATTLEBORO — As you may know, in 2018 Putney Family Services and Putney Cares merged to create Putney Community Cares.

Before the merger, each organization asked for funding to support the services and programs it provided and the two part-time employees who worked to administer them, and we hoped that when we merged we would be able to maintain at least that level of funding.

However, since the merger, while our programs and services have grown, contributions to Putney Community Cares have not matched the total needed to sustain our work.

So we're asking you to donate whatever you can, knowing that whatever you can give will provide a varied range of services and programs to people of all ages in our community, from newborns whom we greet with Welcome Baby baskets, to neighbors who benefit from Meals on Wheels, to seniors who can keep fit with yoga, tai chi, and Strong Living.

We're actively seeking funding from foundations and other donors; it's important for them to know that our community supports us. So please consider a donation, no matter its size, as numbers of donors, not just amounts, are crucial to our fundraising efforts.

We're trying to make the donation process as simple as possible: you can donate at our website, and of course we will also be grateful for a check made out to Putney Community Cares and sent to PCCI, P.O. Box 108, Putney, VT 05346.

On behalf of our volunteer board, I thank you for any contribution you can make - and please spread the word!

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