Sandglass Theater presents ‘When I Put On Your Glove’ this weekend
Shoshana Bass performs a scene from “When I Put On Your Glove,” which will be presented at Sandglass Theater on Nov. 29 and 30.

Sandglass Theater presents ‘When I Put On Your Glove’ this weekend

PUTNEY — As part of the Putney Craft Tour on Thanksgiving weekend, Sandglass Theater presents When I Put On Your Glove by Shoshana Bass, with performances on Nov. 29 and 30 at 7:30 p.m.

This puppetry, dance, and spoken word piece explores a daughter's relationship to her father's work and builds upon a premise that puppets are containers of memory. In it, a daughter explores what it means to slip into her father's art - not just the form, but also the actual pieces.

This work addresses universal questions of belonging, loss, and the complicated nature of navigating generational artistic legacy. The show engages with what legacy means: how an art form endures and transforms as it is handed to the next generation.

Shoshana began creating this performance in 2016, when an unexpected injury redirected her life, and her father, Eric, began teaching her his signature work. Shoshana transformed his original puppet pieces into a new performance that has guided her through much of her healing process and now tours internationally.

The show recently returned from South Korea, where it enjoyed great success to sold-out houses at the Chuncheon International Puppet Festival. The show has also toured in Taiwan, Canada, and the U.S. Next year, it will embark on two German tours.

Shoshana is an interdisciplinary performing artist, with a background in physical theater, dance, and circus. Though she has grown up enveloped in puppetry, this is her first solo work in the field.

Eric Bass first envisioned the concept for this piece, and director Gerard Stropnicky joined the team as director and devising expert. Ines Zeller Bass helped with additional design and construction, and Maria Pugnetti created the sound design.

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