Can Retreat reap benefit from criminal settlement of Practice Fusion?

A Vermont company, Practice Fusion, was recently accused of giving kickbacks to doctors when they overprescribed opioid drugs. I would like to hear the details of this case, and, furthermore I want to see the $145 million in fines from this company go to save the Brattleboro Retreat, which is the state's main source of treatment programs for Vermonters who are suffering from addiction. People in Massachusetts also use this facility. Can money to this facility be expedited?

The Brattleboro Retreat needs money because this facility serves patients who are on Medicare and Medicaid or those who cannot pay anything for a variety of reasons. Under our current health care system, the reimbursements for these patients do not cover the cost of their care.

Over the next few years, I hope that we will all join together to help create a national health-care system that will provide more money to small hospitals in rural and urban areas, where almost all of the patients are unable to pay for the cost of their care.

In the meantime, the courts are awarding millions of dollars from the corrupt sale and production of opioid drugs. This money needs to go quickly and directly to the hospitals providing care and recovery to people in desperate need, as well as care for the depression and other mental illnesses associated with this epidemic.

We need the Brattleboro Retreat to increase its ability to serve the need of this region.

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