Daims: Break the inertia on local response to global climate change

BRATTLEBORO — The Brattleboro Selectboard needs new energy, like a shot of vitamin B12 or something. Kurt Daims offers just that shot of energy in his candidacy for a one-year position on the Selectboard.

Kurt is passionately dedicated to improving Brattleboro's experience and expression of democratic governance, being particularly attentive to including individual voices and ideas that culminate in a collective voice of the town's conscience and innate sense of well-being. He wants to help Brattleboro grow healthfully and deliberately into a future of our own design and choice.

Recently, Kurt has worked hard to address the climate chaos crisis: with the Climate Emergency Declaration presented to the Selectboard, he invites all the townspeople, the Selectboard and other public servants to join him in addressing this emergency.

The Earth, our home, is literally on fire! Our house is burning, and yet people deny it and do nothing, while vast numbers of acres in California, the Amazon, and Australia have been torched in recent years, decimating wildlife as well as carbon exchangers.

Also, entire villages along the coast of Africa have washed into the sea as water levels rise, rearranging topography and dislodging human populations.

Our house is on fire, people! What are we going to do?

To date, the Selectboard has been slow and noncommittal in response, as so many of us are ... still in denial, I suppose. Kurt's passion and youthful strength and determination are just what the town and the board need to break up the inertia that has prevented concerted community action in preparation for the coming climactic changes.

His presence on the Selectboard will be a gift for us all.

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