Foley brings integrity to WRED

BROOKLINE — I support Mike Foley for the at-large seat on the West River Eduction District unified school board.

During his term, I have found Mike to be open, honest, thoughtful, and diligent when addressing issues banal and controversial within our district. He studies, asks questions, and comes to well-thought-out conclusions on the issues.

When the new unified board skirted some of the pre-merger promises made to our communities, such as the quick and drastic move of the sixth grades out of our elementary schools, Mike was among the few board members who took his constituents' concerns seriously.

Additionally, school choice is a popular issue in our district. He supports it and has voted for it.

Because we're humans, Mike and I don't agree on everything, but I respect the integrity he brings to his role.

When voting rolls around in late March, I encourage our district communities to re-elect Mike Foley.

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