Heller: pragmatic progressive is thoughtful, caring, and engaged

BRATTLEBORO — I've gotten to know Oscar Heller over the past year as we both served on the Representative Town Meeting Finance Committee.

During our shared time on the committee, Oscar has proven to be a thoughtful, caring, and engaged resident. As he reviewed and reported on the municipal budget, he asked insightful questions and was persistent in finding answers. His work on the committee also leaves him with a deep understanding of the intricate workings of the town, and he will bring that knowledge to the Selectboard.

For Oscar, a pragmatic progressive, environmental concerns are always at the forefront of his thinking, and he has the long-term interests of the town in mind. Yet, he doesn't forget about the economic well-being of residents and business owners.

I believe the perspective he brings is representative of the town as we look to balance larger, environmental issues with the real, daily goal of making our town an economically viable and vibrant place to live.

I'm excited to see the work he'll accomplish while serving on the Selectboard.

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