McLoughlin to ‘continue to work for fairness and kindness’ on Brattleboro Selectboard

BRATTLEBORO — Thank you to the people of Brattleboro for electing me to a three-year seat on the Selectboard. Your vote allows me to continue to work for fairness and kindness as we maintain a civil society in Brattleboro.

I thank David Schoales for his many years of service to the Selectboard and continued service to the School Board.

To all the candidates who stepped up to serve our community, I thank you as well. It is a sign of democracy and of a healthy community to have so many candidates.

Congratulations to Daniel Quipp and Ian Goodnow - together we will do good work on our Selectboard. Particular thanks to Oscar Heller for running and for being a committed member of the community.

I am chuffed to win, and I thank my family and supporters for all their efforts and kindnesses during the campaign. One of my supporters sent me this note, but I must say it applies to all of us here in Brattleboro as we go forward: “Thanks for caring about our little place in the universe and committing to making it just a little better.”

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