State offers incentives to buy electric vehicles

BRATTLEBORO — As an addendum, I want to let readers know about some state incentives to help Vermonters purchase electric vehicles.

During the last legislative session, the House and Senate transportation committees voted nearly $2 million for incentives for purchase or lease of plug-in electric hybrid and all-electric vehicles for those with household incomes up to $96,000.

The incentives are $1,500 for a plug-in hybrid and $2,500 for an all-electric vehicle.

In addition, we voted a larger incentive for individuals from households that qualify for Vermont's Weatherization Program: $4,000 for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and $5,000 for all-electric vehicles.

The statewide incentive can be used in combination with additional incentives from the state's electric utilities and federal tax credits for greater savings.

We also set up a program to help low-income people buy high-fuel-efficiency used vehicles. This program, administered by Capstone Community Action, can contribute up to 25 percent toward the purchase of a used fuel-efficient vehicle.

This program will help reduce transportation costs for Vermonters who also qualify for weatherization assistance.

These programs are currently in effect now.

The FY21 Transportation Bill, just voted out of the House, continues this incentive program with slightly different income and incentive guidelines. Since the bill still needs vetting by the Senate, I can't specify exact provisions yet, but it should be similar to this year's program.

I know it is hard to concentrate on this right now, but this program will be waiting when our lives are back to normal.

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