A simple climate solution: quit buying SUVs

SOUTH NEWFANE — Are we really going to just wait for our government to change the laws regarding the miles per gallon a vehicle should get? The industry says we don't want these cars that get better mileage and that we want lots of room and for the gas prices to go down.

Can we prove the industry wrong?

According to the Harper's Index, our penchant for SUVs has placed that type of vehicle as the number-two contributor to our increased carbon emissions over the past decade. This is second only to the power industry.

So I ask: Do you really need that big SUV or truck? Some of us live on roads that can be tricky in the winter, or we need to drive no matter what the weather. So, yes, you may need an all-wheel-drive vehicle.

The mileage that our vehicles get matters in the context of climate change. We need to start demanding better mileage cars and trucks.

The next time you buy a car, ask about what the vehicle gets for mileage. If its miles per gallon is low, ask if the dealership has cars that get better mileage. Let the salesperson know you are interested.

Keep looking, support legislation, and inform your representatives that this issue matters. We can't change industry's motives, but we change our cars.

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