Gray has the skills to collaborate through chaos

TOWNSHEND — Please join me in supporting my niece, Molly Gray, to be Vermont's next lieutenant governor.

Molly is a Vermonter through and through. She cares about the people of our state, and she has a vision for Vermont's future.

Molly is deeply committed to family, particularly to caring for aging family like me. As she often does, she put her problem-solving skills and compassion to work helping me find a home in Vermont where I am safe, healthy, and cared for.

Our immediate and extended family remain rooted in Putney, Williamsville, and Townshend. I am so proud to see Molly take a leap that I never had the courage to do.

I have worked in and around both educational institutions and politics my whole life, and Molly frequently impresses me with the way she has navigated her career.

Molly is a reasoned thinker, with more than a decade of experience working in government, humanitarian response, human rights, and the rule of law.

Over the last decade, she led delegations of U.S. policymakers into conflict zones to bring about humanitarian responses to crises; she has worked for our congressman, Peter Welch, and as a law clerk to Vermont's judge on the Second Circuit Court of Appeals. She now serves Vermont as an assistant attorney general, where she brings her diverse background to her criminal justice work.

In this unprecedented time, we must elect experienced leaders like Molly who have the skills to collaborate through chaos.

Her deep connection to Windham County, her work in human rights, and her commitment to taking care of Vermont's families and communities (big and small) make her our best choice.

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