Help protect delivery workers

BRATTLEBORO — Many people are now finding themselves at home more often during the day, and are more likely to witness the delivery of mail and parcels to their residence. There are several things to keep in mind during this time to protect those who are providing you with delivery services:

• If you have a dog at home, please keep it indoors or otherwise restrained. If you have children who may be outside with a dog, teach them to keep dogs away from delivery personnel. Even normally docile dogs can be defensive when they sense a threat to younger members of your family.

• Please do not ask for a direct handoff. Give workers space in order to maintain the CDC-recommended 6 feet or more of physical distance between persons.

• Driving has become a breeze with less traffic and many open parking spaces, but don't let your guard down when it comes to controlling your vehicle. Continue to follow all traffic laws, especially those that protect pedestrians: Obey posted speed limits, stop at all red lights and stop signs, and yield to anyone waiting at a crosswalk.

Thank you for your care in this matter!

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