A parade of joy and love

DUMMERSTON — My husband and I were checking to see if the wood frogs and the Jefferson and yellow-spotted salamanders had produced eggs at our adopted vernal pool on the East-West Road in Dummerston.

With binoculars in hand and visions of the egg masses left behind, we were heading back to the paved road when we first saw flashing lights, then heard honking horns, and then started seeing car after car and truck after truck filled with teachers, parents, and children waving their arms.

The vehicles were covered with signs such as “We miss you,” with stuffed animals hanging from antennas and smiles from all those in the cars. We waved back at each and every one of them.

It was a parade of joy and love celebrating Dummerston School's teachers, still hard at work in these days of pandemic and remote learning. Such an expression of love by an appreciative community!

Cliff and I looked at each other with tears in our eyes.

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