Earth Day/Earth Week activities can draw us together

BRATTLEBORO — The 50th anniversary of Earth Day is Wednesday, April 22! Although we can't be together physically, 350Brattleboro and allies invite you to join throughout Earth Week in reimagining and recreating a livable planet for all!

#PlantInPlace - Celebrate spring and honor the mother of tree planting, Wangari Maathai, who would've turned 80 on April 1. In a collaboration between 350Brattleboro and Extinction Rebellion Southern Vermont (XRSVT), you dig the hole(s), and we'll supply the American hazelnut, black walnut, and Chinese chestnut sapling(s) for free!

Planting fruit and nut trees will benefit our Earth, grow our community ties, and increase our local resilience. Maximum: three per household; pick up in Brattleboro, Putney, or Guilford. Email requests to [email protected]. (Donations are gratefully accepted to support this initiative. Checks can be mailed to 350VT, 179 S. Winooski Ave, Suite 201, Burlington, VT 05401).

#GatherInPlace - Join together via Zoom to connect as a community, set intentions, and share wishes for the Earth at noon on Earth Day, Wednesday, April 22. Then go outside - wherever you are - and connect with the natural world. You're invited to find a special Earth object to bring back and share with the group. Come back together via Zoom at 4 p.m. to share what you found.

Mother Up! child-care provider Mikaela Marmion will be leading this event. It's open to all ages and especially to families with younger children.

#DivestInPlace - Join for an informational Zoom call with investment experts on Thursday, April 23 at 7 p.m. This event is free, but registration is required. Climate destruction is underwritten by banks, asset managers, and insurance companies. This Earth Day, switch your bank account, credit card, or retirement account to an institution that will use your money for good. Gofossilfree.org estimates that more than 1,000 institutions and 58,000 individuals have pulled trillions of dollars out of fossil fuels. Learn more at stopthemoneypipeline.com.

#WishInPlace - Write your hopes and dreams for our planet's and our humanity's health on strips of fabric and tie them to a tree in your isolation zone. Invite neighbors to “join” you by tying their wishes on, being mindful of physical distancing protocols. Photograph your wishtrees and post to your social media feeds using the hashtags #WishInPlace, #WishTreeForEarth, and #EarthDay2020.

#RiseInPlace - Take a photo of yourself or your family holding a sign with the message about Earth Day. Post it to social media with the hashtags #RiseInPlace, #EarthDay2020, and #ClimateStrikeOnline.

#ArtInPlace - We're creating a photo collage and community mural project in downtown Brattleboro. Our message reads “healthy planet, healthy people #earthday2020” and will be on display outside 134 Elliot St. Come check it out!

#WriteInPlace - Write a letter to the editor, op-eds, and “love letters to the Earth” and create artwork to encourage climate action, and more! Share your letter on social media with the hashtags #WriteInPlace and #EarthDay2020.

For more information, contact Abby Mnookin at [email protected].

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