Gov. Scott: Support climate legislation in process

BRATTLEBORO — An open letter to Gov. Phil Scott:

We, the undersigned members and friends of All Souls Church (Unitarian Universalist) of Brattleboro and registered Vermont voters, urge your support for the 2020 Plan for Climate Action in Vermont, including:

• The Vermont Global Warming Solutions Act

• A strong, equitable transportation and climate initiative

• A commitment to 100-percent-renewable energy by 2030

• Modernizing Vermont's energy-efficient utilities

A cornerstone of our faith is respect for the interdependent web of all existence, of which we are a part. Every action that combats climate change is crucial, and yet Vermont's climate pollution has increased 13 percent since 1990.

We join with other faith communities across the state, and nearly 30 advocacy organizations, in recognizing that the 2020 Plan for Climate Action proposes a concise and essential platform for Vermont to do its part in abating climate change, while supporting a stronger economy and improving equity.

We live our faith through our actions. You must act now to recognize that the Earth is a precious gift, and that global climate change is a moral challenge.

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