'The forest does not know coronavirus'

BELLOWS FALLS — I visited the Bellows Falls Village Forest a couple of weeks ago and followed the marked trail around Minards Pond.

This is what I found:

• Sparkling ripples under sunny skies

• A robin sunning itself

• A three-leaf clover, fresh and green

• Moss in every shade of green

• Stone walls

• Rust-colored pine needles

• Big rocks

• Streams

• Trees beyond counting

• Canada geese on the pond

• Mallard ducks overhead

The forest does not know coronavirus.

I would like to thank Tim Morton, stewardship forester, for maintaining the trails in this forest and for overseeing the health of the wild plant and animal life that makes this place home.

Three cheers for him - and all Vermont foresters - on Earth Day and every day!

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