Support funding for U.S. Postal Service

DUMMERSTON — The United States Postal Service,(1) which is not funded by tax money and is the only non-corporate mail service, is (2)struggling to stay in operation.

(3)The agency needs government money desperately right now so it won't go under.

At stake are the jobs of 640,000 employees.(4)

The universal mail service will be needed for thousands and thousands of Americans to vote in the upcoming November election(5).

President Trump threatened not to sign the recent coronavirus stimulus bill if it included money to keep the Postal Service running through September.(6)

There are several petitions to keep the Postal Service funded:(7)



More information can be found in Sen. Bernie Sanders' Facebook video “Saving Our U.S. Postal Service” at facebook.com/berniesanders/videos/.(9)

Let's all work together and make sure we have access to this basic service for years and years to come.

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