Bos-Lun: passionate about equity and access for all Vermonters

WESTMINSTER WEST — I have known Michelle Bos-Lun for well over a decade and I strongly support her upcoming run for a Windham-4 state representative seat.

I met Michelle through her work with local youth who were threatened with homelessness. Michelle has decades of experience addressing issues of unequal privilege: at an individual and group level, on the streets, in classrooms, and at the level of agency board participation. She is versed in this work both locally and internationally.

This varied experience has honed her ability to understand and address social and political issues that range from the very personal and practical to the broader context of larger system organizations.

Michelle and her husband, Ron, a longtime teacher at the Compass School in Westminster, have devoted much of their lives to education and social services, providing her with an understanding that will serve Vermont as our state determines how to organize its educational and mental health systems.

It is clear to me that Michelle is passionate about equity and access for all people in our state. She is also a steadfast and patient communicator, bringing equanimity to conversations she joins.

When I heard that Nadir Hashim would not be running for office this election cycle, I was troubled. His concern for people's circumstances in the specific, his willingness to look deeper at social issues, and his inclination to communicate regularly with his electorate seemed irreplaceable.

Michelle Bos-Lun is a perfect next step and will offer energy, thoughtfulness, and an even greater degree of maturity and life experience.

She will bring clarity to important social issues and can collaborate with balance, openness, and longevity. I know that as our next representative,Michelle will shine.

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