Peyton believes the existing political/corporate system is unworkable and broken

PUTNEY — I am a close colleague of Emily Peyton; we work together to improve the future by bringing forward a member-owned nonprofit franchise plan, Hempstone Villages Co.,

I also work with her and others across the country to form a noncorporate governing body by and through jural assemblies, which aim to restore all states as a true republic of nation-states.

Emily has entered the governor's race again, but this race is at the precipice of much more serious times, and her candidacy reflects that seriousness. I remind readers that Bernie Sanders made multiple attempts before he was elected.

Standing as an independent, her leadership contrasts with the other candidates, who offer various tweaks of the existing system. Emily sees the existing political/corporate system as entirely unworkable, and broken.

By invoking Article 7 of our state constitution and calling together people's assemblies and neighborhood councils using dynamic governance and nonviolent communication, she will initiate the first step to restore actual, real power to the people, who then may work toward a wholesome future with power seated in the communities rather than flowing from the corporations through Congress to the governor through the Legislature - each compliant and obedient to a higher and more sinister master.

Emily will call to order citizen assemblies to make inquiry into the lawfulness of the lockdown and will work with Vermonters to look into the nature of the pandemic, whether there was a hidden agenda to increase surveillance and by whom, and if best practices were actually obscured rather than implemented.

She will also stand for a halt to the rollout of 5G. In her duty to protect Vermonters, she will demand a halt to the rollout of 5G and focus solely on fiber to the premises (FTTP), so all Vermonters may have safe and reliable internet as a matter of right.

To Emily, truth matters. It matters that doctors have been censored in a violation of the First Amendment, it matters that police are militarized, it matters that police get away with murder, it matters that primaries are rigged. It matters that greed is empowered, it matters that the media does not question the official story.

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