Remove those glass ceilings with your vote in November

BROOKLINE — With this upcoming election, the United States is approaching a decisive moment in its continued development.

Despite 2{1/2} centuries of effort, the practice and acceptance of the principles of equality, rights, rule of law, and freedom regardless of gender, nationality, skin color, religion, age, etc., has only imperfectly evolved.

Our current political debate highlights the continued presence of glass ceilings for those with individual differences that in the human condition should have no real significance.

How we vote this November will decide whether the U.S. has the character to continue breaking through the remaining glass ceilings.

Americans who persevered and supported both the suffrage and civil rights movements have advanced the progress of the ideals upon which the U.S. both prides itself and advocates to the world. These ideals allow for freedom to attain educational goals, financial opportunities, religious practices and beliefs, social equality, gender acceptance and respect, and humanitarian practices within our society.

It is appropriate to desire a society that accepts and nurtures all groups and characteristics for a more cohesive country for the betterment and benefit of us all. That which we desire for ourselves should be what we desire for others.

On one hand, it is disheartening to observe some citizens discriminating, excluding, and oppressing other citizens of our society. On the other hand, it is very positive to see other citizens actively practicing and speaking on behalf of the principles of this country in order to make it a more perfect existence.

The continued contributions, discussions, actions, and the like of those who have experienced a “glass ceiling,” for whatever reason or reasons, makes self-evident the need for their inclusion. And we all are better for it.

This is why your individual vote in this upcoming national election is important. More than ever, this is your opportunity to define what our country truly is and affirm that opportunities should be available to all with no glass ceilings.

Please be sure to vote.

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