Work completed on solar array

VERNON — A Waterbury-based renewable energy company, Green Lantern Solar, has completed construction of a 500 kilowatt AC solar array on a reclaimed gravel pit.

Such locations are deemed “preferred sites” for solar development by the Vermont Public Utilities Commission.

After visiting the site and reviewing plans last year, the Selectboard and Planning Commission agreed to support the preferred site designation, as did the Windham Regional Commission.

The array joins just over 100 projects in 66 towns developed by Green Lantern, accounting for nearly 40 megawatts of new in-state solar power to Vermont's grid.

“These projects, all of which have been constructed under Vermont's impactful net-metering program, directly benefit the school districts, towns, hospitals, and other major employers throughout Vermont who utilize the net metering credits from these projects to save significant amounts on their electric bills,” the company said in a news release.

The net metering credits are being allocated to the Colchester School District and the town of Castleton.

Aside from clean energy, these projects also generate lease payments for the property owners and tax payments to the state and town, and they contribute to the growing renewable energy sector which, according to state statistics, has generated thousands of qualified, high-paying jobs across the state.

“We're a homegrown Vermont company and we are happy to be keeping Vermonters employed while advancing Vermont's renewable energy and climate policies,” said Ralph Meima, the company's director of development.

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