Coffey: ‘a bright consideration for service to the residents of far-southern Vermont’

GUILFORD — I write with real enthusiasm to urge broad support for the re-election of Windham-1 Rep. Sara Coffey.

I had the pleasure of working with Sara as an arts and creativity colleague from her very first days in Vermont. At Vermont Performance Lab, she shone as a visionary, diligent, and thoughtful leader. And what a remarkable collaborator.

Likewise, I knew Sara as an advocacy colleague, in Montpelier and in Washington, D.C. Her clear-eyed, passionate resolve made her an effective champion for the centrality of the arts and creativity.

Now, for two years, I have been thrilled to watch Sara grow as the state representative from Guilford and Vernon. She has taken hold of vital issues and proven that she has much to offer. Her enthusiasm for the work, her invitation for multiple viewpoints, her care for complex legislative issues - all lit from behind by a bright consideration for service to the residents of far-southern Vermont.

I appreciate her abiding commitment to connection and communication - she informs us about issues important to constituents. And I appreciate that, in such a positive and supportive way, she encourages folks to become engaged, at all levels, in creating community.

Vote! However. Whenever (by Nov. 3). And if you have the opportunity to vote for Sara Coffey, I encourage you to do just that.

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