Coffey: a supporter of public schools and early childhood education

GUILFORD — In a time when national politics are divisive and often hard to swallow, it's imperative that we Vermonters remember to focus attention and energy on state and local races.

As a resident of Guilford, an early childhood teacher at Guilford Central School, and a parent of two young children, I strongly support Sara Coffey as our state representative for Guilford and Vernon.

Sara has had two productive years working in the Legislature to support public schools and early childhood education. She has worked to make sure that our small public schools remain viable and open, has co-sponsored a bill to provide more funding to early childhood special education, and has advocated for paid family and medical leave, something that deeply impacts those of us with young children at home.

She understands the unbelievable challenges of raising a family while also working to make ends meet. She knows that creating an equitable and sustainable system of high-quality early education not only benefits our youngest citizens, but is a means to enhance our state economy.

With Sara as our representative, I know we will continue to have a strong advocate for accessible, affordable, and high-quality early education.

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