Coffey: outstanding accomplishments in first term

GUILFORD — Two years ago, I wrote a letter supporting Sara Coffey. I gave her my support after riding around with her as she campaigned and listening to what she said.

At that time my support for her was primarily based on the hope that she would actually do what she was promising the people of Vernon and Guilford. I am pleased to again write a letter of support - this time, based on what she's actually done.

Sara's record over the past two years has been outstanding, especially for a new legislator.

She serves as a member of the Committee on Corrections and Institutions, addressing systemic racism and promoting social equity within the Department of Corrections.

She has actively supported 50 bills and resolutions covering a broad range of issues, including school safety and standards, women's health, broadband access, paid family and medical leave, Indigenous people's rights, pesticide regulation, student loan payments, environmental protection, drug treatment, climate change, racial equity and justice, and suicide prevention.

As an independent voter, I try hard to assess the candidates I vote for - not based on their affiliations but on their demonstrated abilities and accomplishments.

Addressing the old and new problems we face requires energy, creativity, intelligence and a fresh perspective. Sara has all of these qualities, demonstrating everything I look for in a state representative. She does indeed walk the talk for Vernon and Guilford.

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