Zuckerman: a leader who will sees actual change is needed and who will get us there

BRATTLEBORO — I know many people are saying, “I will vote for Phil Scott because he has done a good job handling coronavirus.” And he has. I am grateful to live in the state with the lowest rate of COVID-19 infection.

But meanwhile, a fifth of Vermont adults are struggling to pay ordinary expenses because of the pandemic, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Wages are nearly 17 percent below the national average. Opioid addiction is ravaging our communities. Health care costs are through the roof. Climate change threatens our vital tourism and agriculture industries. People of color in Vermont are disproportionately imprisoned and unjustly targeted by police.

Gov. Phil Scott has vetoed paid family leave and an increased minimum wage, both measures that would have made Vermont more affordable for struggling families and put more money into people's pockets to bolster the economy.

He has no plans to make health care more affordable. He has said that he supports action to reduce Vermont's reliance on fossil fuels and prepare us for the worsening climate crisis, but he has not made any effort to achieve our state's climate goals and recently vetoed the Global Warming Solutions Act.

Scott should not get all the credit for Vermont's low COVID-19 numbers, either. We're staying healthy because of all Vermonters wearing masks and practicing social distancing. We're staying healthy because of Vermonters being sensible and taking care of each other and their communities.

I call on Vermonters now: With your common sense and your care for each other, vote Phil Scott out of office!

Coronavirus may be what's on your mind right now, but it is far from the only challenge we face. When it comes to issues beyond the pandemic, Scott prefers to stick with the status quo and pretend it is working.

Vermonters, we have the skills and the heart and the resourcefulness to do so much better, and we need a leader who sees that actual change is needed and will help us get there. I will be voting for David Zuckerman.

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