Zuckerman: the good aspects of Scott administration, plus support for measures the governor has opposed

EAST DUMMERSTON — We here in Vermont are blessed to have two decent men to choose between for governor.

Phil Scott has done an exemplary job in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, and he supported and publicly signed legislation for a degree of gun legislation.

There are, however, some measures he has not done or else he has actively opposed: He has opposed any increase in the minimum wage (which has had a direct effect on many people's ability to weather the pandemic); he opposed legislation to address climate change; he has not given the Vermont director of racial equity the administrative support she deserves to do her job well.

With David Zuckerman, we can have all the good that is in the Scott administration, with the addition of positive support for those other things that Gov. Scott has opposed.

Zuckerman supports raising the minimum wage. He supports taking action to reverse climate change. He supports the director of racial equity and pledges that he will provide the necessary staffing for her office.

Most encouraging is that he supports a view of the future that looks for positive improvement.

Tellingly, he says that as we emerge from the coronavirus pandemic, we should not be trying to get back to the way things were before; instead, we can learn from this crisis and use those lessons to make a better Vermont.

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