How about coffee, doughnuts, and conversation? Or acceptance of other views?

WEST DUMMERSTON — Apparently, the writer had a neighborly and congenial relationship with his neighbor until he discovered they were Republicans.

He says, and I quote, “I have never shied away from a robust, friendly dialogue about the state of our union, and I enjoy going up against well-informed opponents, as we both learn from each other and sharpen our thinking after a good debate.”

Toward the end, he opines that perhaps his neighbor is misguided or has no empathy. And, this person, who purports to be a leadership development consultant, says he has no idea how to proceed.


He talks about tribalism, yet seems to be practicing it. How about coffee, donuts, and conversation? How about showing a real interest in their reasons? Or, alternatively, how about accepting that people with different opinions from yours can still be good neighbors and good people?

This whole op-ed smacks of dismissive arrogance which contributes nothing to the process of moving forward and healing.

There are signs all around the area on different issues. Good thing most folks are not writing about their neighbors in a public forum just because they don't like their signs or their politics.

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