‘I have no interest in unifying with the racist, homophobic, corrupt base of Donald Trump’

BRATTLEBORO — I am constantly amazed when Republicans such as Gerard Cloutier suggest that they support Donald Trump's “return to law and order” and “ethics of hard work.”

First off, the Trump administration is the most corrupt in my lifetime - he puts fellow Republican crook, and law-and- order hypocrite, Richard Nixon and his merry band of thieves to shame.

The number of Trump's friends who have been indicted, the profiteering of millions of dollars off his properties from our tax dollars, the extensive tax cheating and theft of funds from his “nonprofit foundation,” the fact that his employees regularly ignore the Hatch Act (campaigning while on the public dime), and Trump's daily incitement of his cult to violence are just a few of the acts that show his commitment to law and order. This is all before Trump is out the door, and we may never learn the true extent of his thefts from the American people.

As far as hard work: Really? He is the laziest, most unprepared, and most uneducated person to ever hold a high office in this country. I don't even need to spell out the daily golfing and the television consumption that seem to take up his time, along with his whining and complaining on Twitter.

And, Mr. Cloutier, you conveniently left out his role in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans from a virus that has taken lives of tiny numbers of people in countries run by responsible, hard working leadership willing to tell the truth about this pandemic.

I could go on, but the reality is that as long as the Trump cult runs the Republican party, there will never be any kind of community coming together.

I have no interest in unifying with the racist, homophobic, corrupt base of Donald Trump.

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