We’re so lucky to have the West River Trail

BRATTLEBORO — When I moved to Brattleboro almost six years ago, I discovered the West River Trail's lower section, one of the delights that awaited me. It's flat, wide, and mostly shaded, with places along the way where my dog can get into water (or a muddy puddle) to cool off.

During this year of COVID-19, use of the West River Trail has increased about 70 percent from 2019. People are staying closer to home and getting outdoors more to maintain some level of sanity. We're so lucky to have this resource right here!

Huge thanks to the Friends of the West River Trail, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that is 100-percent volunteer run, for all the work done to maintain this section of the 36-mile trail.

There's regular trail maintenance, removal of invasive species, new signage and benches, and an eye to the future in terms of purchasing additional land and creating a larger network of trails for all to enjoy.

If you're one of the many who have walked, run, bicycled, skied, or whatever along this trail, please consider a financial contribution to keep it well cared for.

Go to westrivertrail.org for more information about the trail, and to donate!

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