Elected officials violated their oaths. The Constitution makes the remedy clear.

BRATTLEBORO — I want to start a conversation about the Constitution, and I wonder how many folks have read it recently.

Some folks believe the Supreme Court is the interpreter of the Constitution and so do not take the time to read it personally, to our collective detriment, I believe. It is easy to understand, short, and written in clear layman's English - a worthwhile and informative read.

Amendment 14, section 3 is of particular importance and interest right now because it clearly states that anyone who has violated the oath to uphold and defend the Constitution is ineligible to hold office, civilian or military, for the rest of their lives.

This means to me that the entire current administration, as well as all GOP members of Congress who voted against accepting the results of the fair, legal, courts-accepted 2020 elections are no longer suited for their current positions and must resign or be removed.

The insurrection was essentially an act of war against the United States of America, supported and encouraged publicly by the current president and some members of Congress.

The Constitution does not say, “Ask the Supreme Court.” It says “No! Go! Betrayal is betrayal and is not to be tolerated. Traitors must leave their offices. Now!”

Those guilty representatives must not be seated. The guilty Senators must leave, resign, or be recalled or impeached. For the sake of the country, let us pray they take the honorable, least painful, way of resignation.

We all need to be well educated about this foundation stone of our republic, and it appears some of us have misunderstandings or misinformation about the Constitution. I invite our friends and neighbors to read the document and engage in conversation.

This current time is too important and dangerous to let someone else determine the outcome. Tell our Vermont congressional delegation - Rep. Peter Welch, Sen. Bernie Sanders, and Sen. Patrick Leahy - what you think and want.

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