A new parlor game for 2021

DUMMERSTON — Recently, friends and I, some former Republican voters, have generated a list of what the initialism GOP, which once stood for “Grand Old Party,” really stands for now.

In light of so many GOP congresspeople willing to perpetuate the Big Lie of “election fraud,” refusing to denounce the attempted coup, and traitorously violating their oaths to the Constitution, my buddies and I generated this list of what this faction of the GOP really stands for today.

We hope this can become the new parlor game of 2021. Play with your friends, win valuable prizes! In no particular order:

• Galling Opposite of Patriotism

• Ginormous Obstinate Poltroons

• Give up Our Principles

• Guardians of Oppositional Partisanship

• Generators of Optimal Perfidy

• Grand Odious Polemicists

• Gutless Oily Punks

• Garrulous Obsequious Putzes

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