Chute: qualified and passionate

PUTNEY — I encourage Putney voters to cast their ballots for Aileen Chute for Selectboard.

I volunteered with Aileen at the Putney Central School's After School Forest Program (which she now directs), and saw firsthand her dedication to our community's kids and families. She is thoughtful, patient, and solutions-based.

But she brings so much more: how lucky the Selectboard would be to have someone with her experience as an IT professional!

Aileen truly “walks the walk”; she has spent hours serving our town, and she has developed deep municipal expertise, serving as a town lister, a member of the Energy Committee, and on the town's Planning Commission, not to mention her current work for the town of Brattleboro's Assessors' Office.

On top of that, Aileen has taken the time to listen to and participate in countless Selectboard meetings. She and her family are deeply involved in the day-to-day workings of our community, and I feel sure that she will represent all of the members of our town.

How fortunate that Putney has such a qualified and compassionate candidate for our Selectboard.

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