Sarasa Ensemble performs Mozart chamber work at BMC

BRATTLEBORO — The Sarasa Chamber Music Ensemble presents one of Mozart's most incredible works of chamber music in two concert performances on Friday, March 12 at the Brattleboro Music Center.

The concerts, “Beauty through Adversity: Mozart's Divertimento in E-flat major, KV 563 for string trio,” feature Katherine Winterstein on violin, Jenny Stirling on viola, and Jennifer Morsches on the cello.

“As we all face individual difficulties during these extraordinary times, Mozart's music can help lift spirits and remind audiences of the healing powers of music on all levels,” the concert organizers write in a news release.

Composed in 1788, Mozart's six-movement work “showcases every element we admire so much in the composer: elegance, wit, pathos, virtuosity, profundity, earthiness, and humor,” they continue.

“The concert title, 'Beauty through Adversity,' recognizes that Mozart's brilliance and genius shine through this piece, despite the many obstacles he faced at the time: penury, the death of his baby daughter, and a dismissive public [who was] unwilling to schedule a performance of his recently-penned (and, which turned out to be, his final) three symphonies.”

Tickets for two limited-seating concerts - at 5 and 7:30 p.m. - are $20 and $10 for students. The concert is free for those 12 years of age and younger. (Note: BMC follows state and town COVID-19 safety guidelines.)

A performance also will be streamed online at on Saturday, March 20, at 7.30 p.m.

Founded in 1997, the Sarasa Ensemble is a performing collective, presenting music spanning the 17th to the 21st centuries, on both period and modern instruments. Sarasa has played throughout New England and has toured Ireland, Cuba, and India.

For tickets or more information, contact the Brattleboro Music Center at 802-257-4523, visit, or email [email protected].

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