Rockingham Selectboard a capable, thoughtful, and hard-working team

ROCKINGHAM — Thanks to all who voted in the recent election. Having no idea what my chances were, I was happily surprised when Justice of the Peace Paul Obuchowski announced the results at the Masonic Temple. My fellow new Selectboard members - Bonnie North and Elijah Zimmer - and I learned of our victories at 7:10 p.m. and were already at work in our first board meeting 20 minutes later.

With veteran Selectboard members Peter Golec and Sue Hammond as chair and vice chair respectively, it feels like we have a capable, thoughtful, and hard-working team in place.

I'm also encouraged by my recent orientation meeting with Municipal Manager Scott Pickup, Finance Director Shannon Burbela, and Town Planner Chuck Wise, who are all welcoming and helpful to this new Selectboard member as he learns the ropes.

Know that I will work hard to fulfill my campaign promises, one of which was to be completely accessible to constituents. To that end, here's my email address: [email protected]. If you'd prefer a telephone conversation, please email me your phone number and a convenient time to call.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions, concerns, or ideas.

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