Athena Giving Circle awards grant to Green Mountain Camp

BRATTLEBORO — Green Mountain Camp, a 104-year-old rustic camp for girls in Dummerston, has received a $5,000 boost from the Athena Giving Circle, 10 area women who collectively donated $5,000.

In a news release, Gail Nunziata said the group “admires the work Green Mountain Camp does to benefit girls and young women through the camping and community experience. We believe their track record of repeat campers, raising counselors through the ranks, and outdoor, unplugged activities gives these girls pivotal memories to last a lifetime.”

The donors were “especially taken” with the camp's leadership program, Nunziata wrote.

Camp Director Billie Slade said the program - Launching Leaders - was started “to empower young women to believe in themselves and their ability to make a difference in the world” by offering teens the opportunity “to develop confidence and leadership skills through workshops, hands-on experiences, and the support of a mentor.”

Giving circles are groups of people who pool their charitable donations and decide together where to allocate their money. The Giving Project, launched in 2020, has overseen the creation of 15 active giving circle networks statewide and has generated more than $90,700 in philanthropy.

Last year, the Athena Giving Circle made its first donation to the Women's Freedom Center.

“This year's discussions were as invigorating and meaningful,” Nunziata said. “Each of us in the group brings wisdom and our own unique perspective on charitable giving. Together, we are proud to put our resources to work in the community.”

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