WSESD board recognizes ‘extraordinary achievements’ of teachers

BRATTLEBORO — Please share this proclamation from the Windham Southeast School District in honor of our teachers:

In celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week, the WSESD school board takes great pleasure in recognizing the extraordinary achievements of our teaching staff.

By any metric used, Vermont public schools traditionally rank among the best in the nation, and the schools in the WSESD are clearly no exception. More than any other factor, we enjoy this success mainly because of an exceptionally talented and dedicated teaching staff.

Long before a pandemic upended our lives, we could always depend on our staff to provide quality education to each and every student in our district, but during this past year, they have been nothing less than the “super heroes” of southern Vermont who quickly met the monumental challenge of adjusting their skills to remote learning and outdoor learning environments and who worked tirelessly for each and every student in their charge.

When in-person classes resumed, our staff risked their own health and welfare for the benefit of the students for whom they care so deeply.

Today and every day, we thank them for their patience, their compassion, their resilience, and their indomitable spirit.

We thank them for building confidence in our students' abilities to learn at their highest levels and to see the world in different ways.

We thank them for awakening our students to the grave challenges ahead.

And we thank them for teaching our students to recognize the beauty in the world and for promoting the core values that are so essential for personal and professional success in today's society.

We thank them for being the good people they are.

It has become almost a cliché to say that our future depends on how well our students are prepared in school, but it is true and worth repeating. The kind, curious, and creative souls being nurtured by our staff today will be the ones who shape society tomorrow. This is why education is so very important.

And so the WSESD board expresses its heartfelt gratitude to the staff with assurances that we will continue to support them in their good work every way we can.

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