Viewpoint illustrated what is going wrong in our country

I read Tim Stevenson's most recent angry diatribe and could not be more struck by what a great example he is of what is going wrong with our nation.

Stevenson goes after the Republican party and anyone who voted for Trump, declaring among other things that the party has become “an incipient fascist outlier” and that it has been “waging war against democracy.”

He wants to divide people based on political affiliation.

He seems to support one-party rule, which is dangerous to any population (as in China, where they are committing genocide against Uyghur Muslims for their religion, and imprisoning anyone who opposes the government of the Chinese Communist Party).

Most striking, he states that to get closer to the Founders' vision of a nation where all human beings are created equal, blessed with unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, we must “embrace the moral values that are the bedrock of a truly functioning democracy, heart properties that speak unequivocally to the inherently good people we are” (emphasis mine).

He says: “This is what a living democracy is all about: valuing life, valuing each other."

Well said, Mr. Stevenson. Now, how about practicing what you preach?

Reread your piece. You did a beautiful job of demonstrating how to take an us-versus-them view, demonizing the other, and contradicting yourself at the end.

This in a nutshell is what's going wrong with the country: A total failure to value each other.

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