Restorative conflict resolution workshop offered in Westminster

WESTMINSTER — On Thursday, July 8, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., at the Westminster Institute on Route 5, the Rockingham Free Public Library will sponsor a free introductory workshop on Restorative Conflict Resolution.

The program is a collaboration between The Humanity Network of Greater Falls (HNGF) and Restorative Community Practice of Vermont (RCPVT).

Bring a lawn chair and register with Community Relations Librarian Anne Dempsey at [email protected] if you will be attending this event, but you are welcome to come to the event without registering.

The Humanity Network of Greater Falls is a recently-forged grassroots group that is “working toward an egalitarian society by supporting cultural education and social engagement opportunities,” according to a news release.

HNGF says that everyone, whether with interactions between coworkers, family members, or neighbors, can benefit from learning and practicing restorative conflict resolution, also known as nonviolent communication skills. People might not always agree, and these skills might not always solve a conflict, but they can help people to remember the humanity of those involved in a conflict.

The workshop will be led by Dan DeWalt, Laurie Rabut, and Claire Webb of Restorative Community Practice of Vermont.

DeWalt, the founder of RCPVT, is an educator with many years of experience in teaching restorative practice and facilitating conflict resolution conferences.

Rabut began her studies in nonviolent communication under the tutelage of Marshall Rosenberg, who founded the method in the early 1990s. She is also an educator with 20 years of experience with NVC consciousness and circle work.

In recent years, she has been facilitating restorative circles and co-facilitating trainings for RCPVT with DeWalt.

Webb has a degree in restorative justice from Bennington College and leads community impact circles for RCPVT.

“Together, they are dedicated to practicing and teaching the skills useful to de-escalate potentially antagonistic interactions, while honoring relationships and restoring well being in our local communities,” according to a news release for the training.

Organizers said they hope this free introductory workshop “will inspire your membership in the Humanity Network of Greater Falls and encourage your participation in Restorative Circle Conference Practice, a six-week workshop planned for September.”

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