We should celebrate a color-blind country, not apologize for it

As long as the public, public officials, and institutions fall for the lie of critical social justice and critical race theory, more chaos will ensue

NEWFANE — Critical race theory and critical social justice are the latest bandwagons for the “woke.” Critical theory, founded in Marxism, is designed to further divide our country.

It is carefully packaged in a set of seemingly benign and appealing terms, ideas, and goals that, if one doesn't look too closely, appear hard to refute, so it has been a relatively easy sell to the public at large. After all, how many would disagree that diversity, equity, social and restorative justice, and racial healing are not laudable goals?

But as the underlying tenets of critical theory come to light, people across the country, especially parents of school-age children, are pushing back - hard.

Even a superficial study of critical race theory uncovers a wholly different set of beliefs from those generally held by many, if not most, Americans regardless of race, gender, color, creed, or political affiliation.

To paraphrase the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr: We are all one race - the human race - and people should be judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

* * *

Under scrutiny, critical theory unfairly and unjustifiably damns the caucasian race - especially white males - as irredeemable oppressors and condemns everyone else to irretrievable oppression.

In reality, critical theorists are the true racists. The notion that systemic racism plagues the entire country is false. In reality, it persists in Democratic-run cities, where poverty, crime, failing schools, drugs, and gangs are prevalent.

In most of America, we live in harmony, treat everyone equally, share in our bounty, help our neighbors, and support our children, regardless of their skin color.

* * *

There is a purpose to critical theory and the foundation of which has been laid for many years, chiefly in our universities and institutes of higher learning. That purpose is to divide and cause chaos. In war, it is called “divide and conquer.”

As long as the public, public officials, and institutions fall for the lie of critical social justice and critical race theory, more chaos will ensue.

The United States has grown, evolved, and made course corrections many times throughout our history. We have continuously improved the lot of all citizens and bestowed rights where they were absent.

We have welcomed refugees and immigrants, made accommodations in education, communications, and employment - to name but a few things - in an attempt to level the playing field. We have amended our Constitution and created laws targeting bias.

We are not a racist country. Far from apologizing for being color blind, we should rightly celebrate it and the progress our great country has made.

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