Republican town committees give citizens significant power to organize

BRATTLEBORO — News we see on TV, online, or in the paper about the direction our country is moving is distressing. Whatever your hot button issues are, one of the key arenas for changing things is the political arena.

That arena is open to everyone. Every voter who lives in Windham County can join with other like-minded voters and help the Republican Party organize your town's GOP Committee. Help bring balance back to the Legislature in Montpelier.

If not you, who? If not now, when?

That political process begins with organizing town committees this September. Your town GOP committee, if your town has one, operates like “boots on the ground” for the political process and as the “point of the spear” in local and state elections. You can take your town committee in whatever direction your committee wants it to go. That is significant power that you have.

But to have this power, you need a town committee.

Did you know that as few as three registered voters in a town can officially organize a town GOP committee? That this committee will be recognized by the state of Vermont and the Vermont Republican Party?

Thus, you can take a concrete step to influence the makeup of the state Legislature and the direction of the Vermont Republican Party. Be a community organizer for your issues, your concerns, and your point of view. This is America, this is Vermont.

How? By law, every two years in September, all parties must reorganize their political committees. This year - 2021 - is the year, and September is the month. October is set aside for county reorganization. And November is the month for the state level reorganization - you could even be on your party's state committee.

If you are at all interested in participating, observing or just finding out what is going on contact me at 802-257-2780. I am the Windham County Republican chair. By the way, the same rules apply for all parties, so you can contact the leader of the party of your choice.

I can tell you where Republican meetings are planned and the steps involved in organizing one if you want to do that.

Think of it - no more yelling at your TV. Be a community organizer for issues important to you. Come and support the causes important to you.

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