At the Sanders rally, what played out before the altercation

BRATTLEBORO — I sat maybe three rows back from all the action at the Bernie Sanders' Labor Day rally, and I think Gabe Pofcher and I must not have been at the same event!

The “gentleman,” as he described him in his letter - later arrested - caught my attention when he began menacing an older lady sitting on the ground next to him. He wagged his finger in her face while saying something I could not hear. She sat, immovable.

One person - maybe a member of Bernie's security team? - came over and stooped down to talk to him. The security had to come over briefly one other time.I wondered what I would have done if this person had been cutting up next to me!

The last time security came over, the man was standing and, after hearing a little bit of what Bernie's security said, he shoved him away with his shoulder to make him leave!

At this point, I noticed that when security walked back to the sidelines, a policeman was standing there - thank God! He appeared to have a citation book open. I was thinking about all the infractions that this man could be cited for: disturbing the peace, making threatening motions to a little old lady, and shoving someone. Where I come from, touching another person like that is a lawsuit then and there!

When Bernie paused and this man rushed the stage? All I can say is that Vermont is a concealed-weapon state, and Bernie is a United States senator! With a few malcontents who don't always agree with his views!

The security and police were well in their rights to stop this agitator! Bernie was brilliant, he stood his ground, and energetically motioned the man to get back!

So Mr. Pofcher has video, but he likely didn't see what all had played out before before he started filming.

I like to feel safe when I attend a rally with over 500 people, some of whom are behaving questionably - and possibly carrying guns.

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