BAJC plans ‘Shine a Light for Social Justice’ Chanukah observance

Eighth night takes place on Brattleboro Common

BRATTLEBORO — All are welcome to join in celebrating the miracle of Chanukah, the Jewish holiday that spans eight nights - this year, from Sunday, Nov. 28 through Sunday, Dec. 5.

Each night, the Brattleboro Area Jewish Community will shine a light on a critical social justice issue: environmental justice, justice for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color), sexual orientation and gender identity, women's equality/elevating women's voices, health care, economic security/food and shelter for all, immigrant justice, and embracing religious freedom.

For the first seven nights, the congregation will meet only via Zoom, starting at 5 p.m.

“Each night, a different individual will lead us with traditional candle lighting, prayer, and songs followed by brave, respectful, open discussions about the social justice topic designated for that night,” a representative of the congregation writes in a news release.

“We are honored to have community leaders Becca Balint, Jim Levinson and Emilie Kornheiser amongst our esteemed lighting leaders this year.”

On the eighth night, the congregation will gather in person at the gazebo on the Town Common.

In addition to participating in prayers and songs, attendees will eat latkes and sufganiyot, drink hot cider and hot chocolate, and meet BAJC's new rabbi, Amita Jarmon, who will shine a light on the topic of embracing religious freedom.

To receive a Zoom link for all eight nights, send a message to [email protected].

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