Putney library features wildlife photography
The wildlife photography of Dara Carleton will be on display at the Putney Public Library through February 2022.

Putney library features wildlife photography

PUTNEY — An exhibition of wildlife photography, “The Peace of Wild Things,” by Dara Carleton, is now on view at the Putney Public Library through February 2022.

The Brookline artist's color photographs of local wildlife are taken with a zoom lens on site from her kayak or on her wanderings in the woods, images of a mink, a pair of nesting great blue herons, a black bear, bald eagles, or the close up face of a raccoon.

Most of her photographs are taken from her kayak at places within a one-hour drive from her cabin, using a hand-held Nikon D7500 digital camera and a Tamron 150-600mm lens.

Much of what she photographs can be found on the Connecticut River, home to many bald eagles and their nests. Her work can be seen at daracarletonwildlifephotography.com.

“Immersing myself in nature feeds my soul,” Carleton said in a news release. “I feel completely connected to my subjects while I photograph them. Through my photography, I hope to convey that feeling and encourage everyone to explore their local surroundings.”

Carleton has a bachelor's degree in art and has specialized in wildlife photography for the last six years. She has exhibited her photographs locally, as well as in New Hampshire and New York.

She also volunteered for Audubon Vermont and New Hampshire Audubon for several years, monitoring bald eagle nests and a peregrine falcon nest.

She has viewed and reported bald eagle leg bands to the government and has been able to identify seven local bald eagles that way.

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