Catholic Worker calendars available
Artwork by the late Rita Corbin will again grace the Catholic Worker Calendar in 2022.

Catholic Worker calendars available

Artist Rita Corbin was a primary artist for social justice newspaper

BRATTLEBORO — A limited number of calendars featuring the artwork of longstanding graphic artist and printmaker Rita Corbin will be available for sale at Everyone's Books at 25 Elliot St. during the holiday season.

Corbin, who moved to the area in 1981, lived on and off here until her death in 2011 due to injuries suffered in a car accident. Her children, who live in the Brattleboro area, continue to publish the calendar and cards using her artwork, selling them primarily by mail order through the Catholic Worker newspaper.

Corbin became involved in the Catholic Worker movement while living in New York City in the 1950s. The founder, Dorothy Day, hired her to make illustrations for the Catholic Worker newspaper, and they became friends.

Corbin became a lifelong contributor and was one of the three primary Catholic Worker artists, along with Fritz Eichenberg and Ade Bethune.

In 1954 she married Martin Corbin, editor and literary critic. They worked with activist Dave Dellinger on Liberation magazine, in New Jersey, where the Corbins' first three children (Dorothy, Maggie, and Sara) were born.

In 1964, the family moved to the Catholic Worker Farm in Tivoli, N.Y., and two more children (Coretta and Martin) were born. Rita Corbin began publishing the Catholic Worker calendar with her original art and hand lettering, as well as notecards and Christmas cards.

She also spent a few years in Worcester, Mass. and developed strong ties with the Catholic Worker communities there.

Her work has appeared in many well-known religious publications, including The Christian Science Monitor, Commonweal, Fellowship, and Catholic Digest.

Rita Corbin's artwork has been shown at Rockhurst College in Kansas City, the Worcester Art Museum in Massachusetts, and the Sacketts Brook Gallery in Putney.

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