Gray uses office as stepping-stone to higher aspirations

SAXTONS RIVER — As a supporter of Molly Gray when she ran for lieutenant governor, I was disappointed in her announcement that she was now running for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

When the people of Vermont voted Ms. Gray into office as lieutenant governor, I'm sure many of them trusted, as I did, that she would fulfill her term, serve Vermonters well, and then, when the time would come, run for governor.

Instead, it seems she viewed the state office as a stepping-stone to higher places, thus betraying the trust of her supporters and constituents.

While I am eager to see a woman from Vermont in Congress, I also want to believe the candidate can be trusted to put the office and the country (or state) first - i.e., above personal political ambitions. I want the woman who represents Vermont in Congress to have paid her political dues and to have acquired sufficient skills and political experience to take on a position in the national arena of policymaking.

State Senate President Pro Tem Becca Balint would bring those demonstrated skills, experience, and commitment to the role of Vermont's Congressional representative by her years of leadership and service to Vermont.

With Ms. Gray running against her, I'm afraid it's happening again: By Vermont's office seekers splitting the Democratic vote versus working in solidarity, it becomes hard for us to elect Democratic candidates, whether for state - or in this case, federal - office.

While I respect Ms. Gray's objectives, it would have been much more appropriate if she had fulfilled her current term in office before moving on to higher aspirations.

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